Wagnalls Memorial Foundation Legacy
The Legacy Began In 1925
On May 30, 1925, Mabel Wagnalls Jones dedicated The Wagnalls Memorial in honor of her parents, Adam and Anna Willis Wagnalls, and thus the Wagnalls legacy began. The community has now enjoyed Mabel’s gift for more than eighty-five years.

A Brief History of Wagnalls
Since Mabel’s death, nearly five million dollars in capital improvements have been made to The Wagnalls Memorial. Millions of dollars in scholarships have been awarded and the community has enjoyed the use of our beautiful library and facilities for countless events and celebrations. Many of our children have fond memories of the Summer Reading Program or attended theatre or art classes at Wagnalls.

Clearly, Mabel’s gift has done wonderful things for her community.

Preserving the Legacy
Like most organizations, the Wagnalls Memorial has been challenged by the economic realities of our times. By 2006, it was clear that drastic measures were necessary if Wagnalls was to survive. The Board of Directors approved a plan to retire indebtedness and to down-size the organization. In an effort to ensure the survival of Wagnalls, staff was reduced; hours were eliminated; space was consolidated; programs were suspended; and acquisitions were curtailed. The goal was accomplished and The Wagnalls Memorial is now debt-free. We continue to operate, although on a limited basis, within the funds that are currently available to us. However, even this reduced level of operation is threatened by ongoing cuts in support for libraries, and the realities of increased costs for utilities and maintenance.

The Future of Wagnalls
What will the future of Wagnalls be? Will it survive? Will it continue to operate, but with only limited staff and programs? It is our dream that Wagnalls will be returned to its former prominence in the community and once again provide the full range of services that Mabel intended with her original legacy gift. We hope you share our dream and will support our efforts through the Legacy Campaign. Let’s reestablish Wagnalls as the educational, cultural and artistic center of the area. To quote Mabel, “Dreams long dwelt on amount to prayers, and prayers wrought in faith come true.”

The Legacy Campaign
The Wagnalls Board of Directors has approved The Legacy Campaign in an effort to raise funds to assure Mabel’s legacy will be fulfilled into the future. Every dollar received will help secure the future of the Wagnalls Memorial. We sincerely hope that you will support this effort with your generous donations or the purchase of a personalized piece of the Wagnalls Legacy.

And Now With Your Help The Legacy Begins …Anew
The time has come to begin the Wagnalls legacy anew. Our children and their children will continue to enjoy the benefits of this venerable institution if we act now.

Unlike Mabel, most of us do not have the capacity to create an entire institution for the benefit of our community. Nevertheless, we can all become an enduring part of the Wagnalls Legacy by supporting the organization in accordance with our own financial capacity. So please join us in becoming a part of the new Wagnalls Legacy with a personalized brick on the Legacy Walk, or through a personalized bench or tree in the garden or a seat in the auditorium. Other opportunities are also available to add your family or business name to the Wagnalls Legacy.

We thank you for your support.

Naming Opportunities - Auditorium Seats
Naming Opportunities - Garden Benches
Naming Opportunities - Engraved Brick
Recognition Opportunities - Legacy Tree of Recognition
Legacy Donation Form & Order Card

The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation
150 E. Columbus Street, P.O. Box 217
Lithopolis, Ohio 43136-0217
Legacy Giving
Legacy Giving
Legacy Commemorative Items
Garden Bench 6 ft. $2,500
Garden Bench 4 ft. $1,500
Garden Tree $1,000
Capstones on the Legacy Wall $500
Auditorium Seats (First 150) $250
Bricks on the Legacy Walkway $100
Legacy Tree of Recognition
The Legacy Tree with engraved design will be displayed in the Main Library.
Pledges of $2,500 or more may be paid over five years.
• Diamond Level $15,000 +
• Platinum Level $10,000-$14,999
• Gold Level $5,000-$9,999
• Silver Level $2,500-$4,999
• Bronze Level $1,000-2,499
• Copper Level $500-$999
Auditorium Seats
Be a part of the Wagnalls Legacy by purchasing one of the first 150 seats for $250.00.
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Garden Benches
Be a part of the Wagnalls Legacy by purchasing a 4ft. garden bench for $1500.00 or 6ft. garden bench for $2500.00
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Engraved Brick
The Legacy Walk - Engraved Brick
Be a part of the Wagnalls Legacy by purchasing an engraved brick for the Legacy Walk for $100.00. Use a separate card for each brick.
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Legacy Tree
Legacy Tree of Recognition
The Legacy Tree with engraved commemorative leaves will be displayed in the library area.
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Wagnalls Library