Gallery in the Loft
The Wagnalls-Jones family appreciated visual arts and included in the Wagnalls Memorial a room in the Tower  dedicated to the art of artist, John Ward Dunsmore. In keeping with that appreciate and the desire for the    people of Lithopolis and Bloom Township to have opportunities to experience art, the Wagnalls Memorial Foundation has designed a gallery on the second floor above the library, fondly known as the Loft. 

The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation appreciates Julian Cennamo, a local artist, who has volunteered his time to curate our gallery. Art shows and exhibits will change every six to eight weeks typically. Shows and exhibits can be enjoyed during normal library hours. The gallery also doubles as an event space, so please consider calling ahead to be sure you will be able to visit the gallery when you visit Wagnalls. 

Artists who sell their works graciously offer commissions to the Wagnalls Memorial supporting our mission.

Upcoming Art Exhibits for Wagnalls' Centennial Year

Deb Silvia, Executive Director, and Carol Gaal, Historian and Centennial Committee Chair, worked with local artist, Mary Massara to curate a yearlong series of local artists to celebrate the Wagnalls Memorial 100th anniversary on Memorial Day 2025. 

Centennial Year Art Schedule

May 25-July 6, 2024

Resiliency Resides

Veteran Arts Initiative (VAI) is a Whole Health program based out of the VA Central Ohio Health Care System. VAI offers multi-disciplinary creative arts programs for Veterans and family/support system to foster therapeutic expression, promote resilience, and create social connections with purpose. VAI’s Mission is simple: confidence through creativity, pride through accomplishment, healing through collaborative activity, and understanding through expression.

VAI programs include visual arts, theater, dance, music, writing, group-based contemporary art interpretation, discussion, and exhibition. VAI intends to address the problem of Veteran suicide by engaging Veterans in complementary wellness services to improve psychological health and social functioning, as well as foster connections with behavioral health services when needed. Ongoing program assessment and measures of psychological and health variables such as depression and anxiety symptoms, quality of life, social connection, and pain, will offer empirical data on how much “art dose” is needed to positively impact lives and identify any differences in the efficacy of various art modalities.

Resiliency Resides is a collection of work by VAI Veteran artists. VAI members are astute artists: some have built their lives committed to their art practice, while others have discovered their talents in the past year. This artist tribe works together to push, to advocate, and to cross-pollinate ideas. The result: a thriving, life-giving artistic community.