Wagnalls Legacy Bricks & Capstones

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one brick at a time

Many people find themselves pondering what to get for the loved one that seems to have everything. Why not honor them with a permanent gift with their own name etched and preserved into a Wagnalls Legacy Brick prominently featured on the grounds of the beautiful Wagnalls Memorial? This is a way to forever honor them and show their pride and support for the cornerstone of our community.

Each Wagnalls Legacy Brick features three lines and sells for a one-time fee of $100.00. Each Wagnalls Legacy Capstone has five lines and sells for a one-time fee of $500.00.

The Wagnalls Legacy Project is part of an effort to raise funds to assure Mabel’s legacy will be fulfilled into the future. We sincerely hope that you will support this effort with your generous donations or the purchase of a personalized piece of the Wagnalls Legacy.

Consider these to remember

Wagnalls Scholars who have enjoyed the benefit in the past in the form of a scholarship from The Wagnalls Memorial can have that honor etched in history on a brick to be installed on our beautiful grounds. It’s your way of saying thanks to Wagnalls, and our way of displaying our pride in you for going the extra mile in obtaining your education, due in part to The Wagnalls Memorial.

The Wagnalls Memorial is proud to offer a way to honor a loved one who has helped lift Wagnalls Community Theatre off the ground and reaching for the stars. Each year, family and friends will have the opportunity to honor an actor/actress that has participated in one of our professional theatre productions by purchasing a brick for the Wagnalls Community Theatre Hall of Fame. The bricks with the names will be arranged in a special fashion outside of the theater to be enjoyed by many generations to come.

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